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Do you struggle with executive alignment?

I understand because I did too.

I've been there.

Executive sponsorship is vital. The best way to start is through understanding the scope and delivery necessary to support organization change and adoption. Creating executive alignment is the first step in growing a culture of data-minded decisions.


Do you lack user adoption? Have your customers lost faith in your team's ability to deliver value? 

I understand the frustration and hopelessness.

I've been there too.

Often as technologists, we forget to nurture relationships and constantly communicate with our stakeholders.  This is a skill to learn and there are many different relationships that need to be built and aligned.

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel continuously delivering without an end in sight?

I understand the feeling of burn out.

I've been there too.

Without user adoption and ownership with the business, technical teams are constantly bogged down with requests.  Creating alignment is key to creating a data driven organization.

I found the solution!

and I want to share it with you...

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This is a one on one session with me - Heather Hill - to talk about the specific pains and gains of your analytics program.


I will share with you why I strongly believe you can find success with the 5-step ALIGN methodology by focusing on aligning your customers, organization, team, and mindset to create an analytics strategy with a winning data culture. This program is created especially for analytics leaders and business intelligence team members like you.

You will take away guidance to help you in your next steps and see if this program is the right fit for you. 

I will be honest.  If you aren't ready or the program doesn't have what you are looking for, we can part our ways. No feelings hurt.

It can't hurt to schedule your time today.

Wait . . . Why Coaching?

Coaching provides training along side personal guidance to walk you along your path as you execute on the steps within your organization.

With Traditional Training, you take a class and if you don't use it you immediately forget.

With coaching, you perform the steps each week to implement change within your organization and get the support along the way.

Its like combining Training with a High-End Consultant all rolled into one package!

 Plus you have ongoing support from me!

Wait . . . What's Included?

Group Coaching includes:



ALIGN Coaching Program Workbook (PDF) & Templates



BI Coach mobile application (Apple or Google Play Store)



Current state assessment to create a baseline for growth



30-minute weekly LIVE Q&A coaching sessions with Heather Hill

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Private Chat Group for motivation, reminders, and Q&A between sessions



Set actionable goals

with accountability



Get questions answered in the live sessions, through the private chat, or e-mail between weeks.



Learning content coaching sessions recorded and accessible via web or mobile app



 Ongoing support afterwards via the chat groups or email.

Wait . . . Does it really work?

Emergency Vehicles

Business Change Agents

You can’t create a technical solution to a business problem. I worked with a healthcare company to identify information workers (analysts/change agents) within their operations department and create a training program to grow data literacy allowing the business to be the driving force behind insight creation.  The chosen change agents were able to redefine metrics and business analytics to ultimately find a huge discrepancy in revenue recognition that eventually saved the company millions of dollars.

Image by frank mckenna

Merged Metrics Adoption

I streamlined and standardized metrics and processes for a storage company. During a merger, they had two sets of metrics, reports, technology, and people.  Each side had their own agenda and own goals, so bringing them together was a tough job that took some finesse. I was able to bring the teams together to speak a common language and agree on a single set of metrics (top to bottom) to run their newly combined business.

Success Stories

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